Hodor actor says he was traumatized by Game of Thrones nude scene

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Hodor in a nude scene you ask? Yes that’s right. All the way back in season 1 this giant, limited speaking ability man had most of his clothes off in a particular scene on the show. The actor who plays this character, Kristian Nairn opened up recently in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph about the scene that made him particularly traumatized after he was getting around nude on set amongst many of his fellow cast and staff members of the show.

“Obviously the death scene and the nude scene, which was probably the most traumatic day of my life,” Nairn told the publication “I never thought I would be parading round Carryduff in the nip without being arrested at least!”

What makes Nairn’s scene extra interesting is that he had a huge prosthetic/fake manufactured piece that was basically super glued to his nether regions. Imagine getting around on set carrying something like that in your pants, not exactly a confidence boosting scenario for anyone now is it. He told the reporter that the prosthetic piece didn’t exactly come off easily either. Let’s hope it was only a one day job. Carting around a reported 14 inch fake bit of manhood can’t be easy for an actor or anyone for that matter!

If you’re a fan with a solid memory you might remember the scene in detail. The episode was the eighth one of the first season called “The Point End” and the scene was setup with Bran Stark and wilding Osha who were having a very intense conversation before the big friendly giant entered the picture almost completely nude with just an open cloth type robe on his upper half. He had is full kit on display as he proceeded to repeat his favorite line of all “Hodor.”

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Nairn has said that he felt quite embarrassed for the poor make up girl who had to work on him that day and how both he and the girl know how to suffer for their art. Although it was quite traumatic he has said that even though it was one of the worst experiences on the set of the show, it was also one of the funniest. The actor has said he found his naked scene far harder to deal with than even his own characters death scene where he was slayed by an army of Wights.

While we’re sure the scene stirred up quite a bit of turmoil for the actor he is most definitely not the only one to suffer through a nude scene. Game of Thrones has become quite well known for its generous use of nudity throughout the show. Even if most of the nudity isn’t from star actors or actresses there have been multiple scenes where big name stars have also let their clothes hit the floor.

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Namely Daenerys Targaryen, who is acted by Emilia Clarke, was seen in a fiery, ash dusted scene of the show baring her chest and other parts in other small scenes. Clarke was also reported to have watched the fire scene with her own parents! She has spoken of her comfort in her own skin though and even though it might be uncomfortable on set she’s proud of her body and is not afraid to show it off to the millions of hungry viewers for the good of the show.

With season 7 of the massively popular TV show to reach viewers screens in July we can only ponder at what may lie ahead in its ever surprising journey. Reporters have joked of the theory that Hodor may return as a White Walker to reek havoc but when this was put to Nairn he laughed giving off the impression of “you never know”. If he doesn’t return we can safely say the big unit will be sorely missed!