Ellen refuses to host Donald Trump on her entertainment show

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Ellen DeGeneres has a long standing pledge to stay away from politics on her TV show as much as possible. Even though she has hosted past presidents such as Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Ellen responded in an interview recently about whether she would invite the current headline demanding president on her show for a chat. In her words “Um, no.” She was quite clear she had no interest in interviewing the United States president when the host of the Today TV program Matt Lauer was asking the queen of daytime television a few different deep questions.

Lauer started his Trump line of questioning with “You’re socially aware, at times very outspoken. What’s your relationship with Donald Trump?” Ellen responded saying she doesn’t know him apart from her short run ins with him on the Celebrity Apprentice show which is hosted by Trump. When the Celebrity program was in its infancy in season one or two DeGeneres said they went out his way to film something with him but other than that she has not spoken to him during his run for president or since he has become the leader of the nation.

After responding with her short words “Um, no” to whether she would invite the president onto her show for a friendly chat Matt Lauer couldn’t help but press further with a follow up.

“Why not? Why wouldn’t someone like you like to sit down opposite the President of the United States?” Lauer dug for a little more.
“Because I’m not going to change his mind, he’s against everything that I stand for. We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them and still let them have their rights.” she added.

Ellen has been known to speak out against Trump on her TV show before. After Trump made a declaration that people from seven different countries should be banned from being allowed into the US, even if they had a green card to get in. In the tiny segment of the show that can be seen below, even though she states she doesn’t get political but she makes her views very clear that she wholeheartedly disagrees with Trumps sentiment on banning people from entering the country from different races, religions and ethnicity.

In the past DeGeneres was shown to have a liking for former president Obama with him making regular appearances to her program and the banter being very friendly with great respect for one another. She tries to avoid political topics on her show completely though so rather than talking Politics with the former president they would goof around and talk about ahhhh, let’s see, much more entertaining topics. Obama’s wife and former first lady Michelle Obama was also invited onto Ellen multiple times and always shown to be a welcome guest.

Just incase you’ve been living buried beneath a rock for sometime now and don’t know a thing about Ellen, she is a gay woman and came out publicly about her sexuality over 20 years ago now. On Obama’s final day as the president of the United States she posted a deeply heartfelt message for Barack thanking him for personally changing her life. Largely because of him she was able to legally marry her wife Portia De Rossi. Ellen was very outward in her praise for both Barack and Michelle and all that they had done for the country over the past 8 years to push forward with equality for all.

Ellen has become extremely well known for her humanitarian efforts and bringing awareness to important social issues. She was presented with the ‘People’s Choice Award’ in 2016 for her many efforts in causes like UNICEF, breast cancer awareness and a very many more causes. When DeGeneres first came out as being gay it’s well publicized how she struggled with her career the most. For three years she could not get a single gig and she was worried should would run out of money before anything would change with people’s perceptions for her. She has stated the biggest thing that tough period taught her was having unrelenting compassion for others.