Accidentally Famous – 15 Unlikely People Who Rose to Stardom

Sammy Griner

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Sam was only 11 months old when his mother snapped a cheeky photo of her son while eating sand at the beach back in 2007.¬†She uploaded the image to her Flickr page years later in 2011 and the hilariously cute picture went viral with many people using it in memes to boast about “wins” they had. Something about that determined young face just stirs you inside makes you say, “YES!!” everytime you see it. As you can see on the right in the image above, young Sammy, who has been known as “Success Kid” for years since the innocent yet menacing photo did its rounds, has grown up now. So what’s the lesson here? Make your mum take photos of you when you’re adorably cute and putting random, disgusting textures into your mouth!