1000 mousetraps snap bearded man on trampoline

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What could be more astonishingly beautiful than a fully grown bearded man jumping from a ladder onto a trampoline filled with 1000 set and loaded mousetraps? Well not a whole lot really. Ok maybe if it were done by Harley Quinn herself, complete with her rather teasing costume that she gets around in. Yep that would definitely be about a hundred times better. But we will settle for a bearded middle age man at this point because it is still glorious to watch.

The magnificent feet was accomplished by ‘The Slow Mo Guys’, who are an extremely popular YouTube channel made up of the founders Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy. Their following has grown to more than 9 million subscribers. If you haven’t heard of them before, that’s ok, their whole gig is really quite simple. They setup a $150,000 super slow motion camera and record themselves and other random people doing the most random things they can possibly dream up. Simply amazing when you see some of their footage.

As the video starts the boys describe how it took them four hours to setup all the mousetraps. They even show nearly one half of the filled trampoline being set off as they were setting up after a single mousetrap was triggered causing an entertaining chain reaction in itself. After seeing the footage of them having the traps all setup and ready to go it’s incredibly nerve racking as you sit and wait for a possible projectile to fall from the sky and accidentally set off the entire trampoline. It’s surprising it didn’t take them days to set this stunt up.

Watching the footage reminded me of countless times I used to setup a domino trail around the house as a kid. One of my brothers would stomp in or a little bit of wind would blow and the whole thing I had dreamed up would be set off prematurely. Of course there were tears!

As they’re going through the initial intro stages of the video the boys joke about pausing the video and for the viewers to try and count them because they really had no idea how many traps had been set. I feel it would have been a tad more entertaining if Dan had climbed a tall tree and jumped from that instead of a rickety ladder straddled on top of a dodgy table but that’s beside the point. Once he was atop the ladder Dan asks if Gavin is ready and a couple seconds later he jumps as the footage goes into its glorious slow motion at countless frames per second.

Their is something soothing about the background ambient music and watching this bearded fella in short shorts be snapped up by so many little rat death traps. That looked like a whole lot of fun, even if it did last a mere four seconds! Dan, the jumper himself completely forgot to wear his safety googles as well after he was so amped up to jump into the thousand strong trap. After watching the footage, their was only one mousetrap that I could see which didn’t get sprung.

Not a bad day at the office for these boys. The video has amassed more than 3 million views within 24 hours of going live. I I don’t know about you but if I had the choice, filming stuff in super slow motion everyday as my way to make a living would be high on the list of a career choice. Don’t try this at home… wait a second, DO! See you in four hours after you’re done setting up.